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اطلاعيه مؤسسه حسابدارى کاپیتال در اوكراين

بدينوسيله به اطلاع هموطنان مى رسانيم كه هماكنون دولت بريتانيا طرح پذيرش پناهجويان اوكراينى فوق را آغاز كرده است . گرچه اين طرح براى اتباع اوكراين ارائه شده ولى شامل افراد غير اوكراينى كه اقامت داىم كشور را داشته باشند هم مى شود .بر اساس اين طرح يك حامى(Sponsor)بايد يك مكان مناسب براى شما (…
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Government support for self employed Income Tax

Dear Client Government on 3 March 2021 has announced that it is extending its support package for self employed who have been affected by Coronavirus. This is by way of offering the fourth round of grants to self employed under Coronavirus Self-employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS) . We have extracted details of this extension from…
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Important Notice

Dear clients, This is to inform you that some of our clients have received a phone call claiming to be from HMRC demanding payment for client’s outstanding tax over the phone. If you receive such phone call please be aware THAT IS A SCAM. Do not give them your bank details. and tell them that…
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Extension of 2019/20 Tax Return dead line

DON ‘T MISS THE DEADLINE OF 28 FEBRUARY 2021 ! Government has now extended the deadline for submission of 2019/20 Tax Return to 28/02/2021 to assist taxpayers during the period of pandemic. We have extracted details of this new scheme from government website and is shown below; Self Assessment customers will not receive a penalty…
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